[in April] About Hoshikawa night market cancellation

For those who are looking forward to the Hoshikawa Night Bazar

It is communication from Hoshikawa night bazar committee. As in the previous month, there has been no sign of the convergence of the new coronavirus.

The Hoshikawa Night Bazar, which was scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 11, will be canceled. The Hoshikawa Night Bazar has not been held for a total of 4 months from January to April, which is a frustrating decision for us aiming to settle, but visitors, shoppers, neighbors, executive committee staff, everyone We considered the health of our people first and decided to cancel.

The cherry blossoms in Kumagaya gradually began to bloom,
The mood of spring has increased, and it has become a season where many people can enjoy the Hoshikawa Night Bazar.

Even during the period when it can not be held
The members of the Executive Committee hold meetings to discuss preparations and plans for the next event.

I look forward to seeing you back soon and meeting you at the Hoshikawa Night Bazar.

Hoshikawa Night Bazar Committee