About raising store opening fees

Hello, this is Hoshikawa Night Bazar Committee.

On February 8th, we held a briefing session for shoppers today,
During the briefing session, we explained the increase in store opening fees.

The current Hoshikawa night bazar is based on revenue from only store opening fees.
For last year, we tried to organize an own event planning by the committee.

From this income, we cover the cost of applying for road occupancy permission, the cost of guards, and the cost of purchasing signboards,

The committee staff is volunteers for this activity.

In the future, holding new plans and expanding the holding area,
focusing on venue decoration such as tents with unified design, to secure operational costs.

As follows, we will raise some store opening fees.

Food and drink : ¥1000 → ¥2000
Craft : Continue (¥1000)

Live performance : Free → ¥1000
Corporate (profit) PR booth : Free → ¥1000
Non-profit PR booth: Continue free.

※The first store opening will continue to be free.

Regarding the profit from the increase in the store opening fee,
we will make the best use of it for the growth of the night bazar.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hoshikawa Night Bazar Committee